I am a writer and producer of impactful digital content on a mission to transform hearts and minds. My work is built on making an impact in people's lives. 

I find that what is often missing from the cultural landscape are authentic voices and targeted messaging for Millennials, Latinos and women. I work with brands that are transforming the media landscape, and propelling a positive representation of these 3 key groups. 

I spent almost a decade creating culturally competent messaging and marketing campaigns for these audiences for political candidates and organizations across the country.

Here's what I learned, creating engaging content to present yourself and your brand is imperative to finding your audience, increasing social media buzz and meeting all of your objectives. Your target audience needs to know what you do, but they also need to know why you do it.

I can work with you to draft a compelling bio, website or sales site. We can also work together on a retainer basis to draft blogs, newsletters and e-blasts that align with your brand, and mission. If you are new to social media or starting a brand, we can also work to find your unique voice to help you stand out from the crowd. Because it is my job to give my clients the best, I also work with top designers, PR agents, and photographers to build a package that suits your needs. We can also do a one-time consultation to devise an action plan for your brand or business. 

I have a decade of experience creating events and activations for a variety of audiences in Los Angeles and Washington D.C.

I also create my own content! 

I recently launched a weekly podcastWomen Who Misbehavewhere my co-host Linda Garcia and I discuss the intersections of the political, the personal, pop-culture and even the spiritual. In my weekly newsletter The CurrentlyI give you recommendations on serious and silly things to read, watch and listen to along with an exclusive blog post. 

I am a sought-after speaker and writer on millennial trends, politics, and parenting. My insights have been published in Marie Claire, Forbes Woman, Vox, Romper, Mom.Me, Project Enye and others. I have been featured in the Super Mamas Podcast, Standing Out Podcast, Tamarindo Podcast and Brown Girls Rising. I am also on the leadership for Bindercon, a bi-annual writers conference. 

I was the first in my family to graduate from college, earning a degree in Political Science from California State University, Northridge.

I am raising a toddler, and step-daughter with my fiancé in East Los Angeles

I am available for consulting, writing, and content strategy collaborations. 

Stay in touch by subscribing to my newsletter! or send me an email to betsy@betsyaimee.com.