The Currently Podcast Episode 8: Find Your Fire Wi/ the Chingona Manifesto


This week I talked with Monica Rivera author of the Chingona Manifesto. A powerful call to action for Latinas everywhere to step into their power. Monica was recently featured in an anthology that became an Amazon best-seller called, “Latina Empowerment Through Leadership:Mindful Stories From Inspiring Women.” As a realtor and productivity coach she is a strong believer that “saving money and planting roots is an act of revolution.”

Why she let go of the idea of the “Elevator of Success” and how it opened her up to gain real-life skills that helped create the kind of career she wanted as opposed to fitting into an existing model.  She also talks about how to deal when our family has expectations for what we should with our lives and how to carve our own path

She shared us with her truth, wisdom, and how she has invested in herself to create a career built on her “fire.”  But it’s not all success and power as she owns up to the darker side of being an overachiever, and how she let go of the idea of an easy linear path in life and in work. As a result she has developed some strategies to cope with life’s difficulties.

We get real about money, and dispel some myths about Millennial homeownership. Why believing that “money is the root of all evil” can limit our ability to create a choice-filled life. She breaks down what a wealth mentality is and the importance of cementing our legacy through multi-generational wealth.

Monica has walked on glass, and has invested money and time to build her mental and emotional reserves and she’s in her 20’s but you wouldn’t know from the way she inhabits the world.

You will want her to be your friend after hearing her story.

  • You can follow her @monicabmh