The Currently Podcast Episode 7: Crossover with Tamarindo Podcast


In this special episode we partnered up with Tamarindo Podcast! Tamarindo is a socially conscious podcast with a Latinx vibe that discusses race, politics, music and life. 

We did a book review of Roxane Gay's latest book Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body. We talked about major themes its presents us with including: 

  • Body Image 
  • The "good immigrant" daughter 
  • How our emotional issues can be manifested in unhealthy ways 
  • How society treats women whose bodies don't adhere to traditional standards of beauty. 

Then we dive into adulting and things we wish we would have known when we first set out into the world. We confess to some of our biggest mistakes. 

You can catch us both at Podcasterio Fest 2017: A Latinx Digital Experience Presented by Molcajete Dominguero! 

Thank you Brenda for such a fun conversation!