The Currently Podcast: Episode 2- Zach Morris is HAWT


Welcome to the 2nd episode!

I’m so excited to share this episode with you with this week’s guest Laura Herrera. We started our conversation talking about the decade the shaped many older Millennials, the 90’s

What defines the 90’s for you? The Lewinsky Scandal? The OJ Trial? Selena? For Laura and Me it was actually television shows like Saved by the Bell and 90210. But as kids who grew up in a part of LA you rarely see on television, we talk about what these shows taught us about the world we live in.

In Laura’s case understanding her community and how it differed from other parts of LA was pivotal to how she shaped her life and career. Laura is one of the hundreds of young women who ran for office in the wake of Donald Trump’s election. In this episode, we talk about that experience and the personal growth and lessons it left her

But we also dive into being “the token” at school and at work, and why we don’t think about our race as often as other people do.

Which is a relevant conversation this week particularly after the announcement that the dept. Of civil rights is planning to investigate colleges for discrimination AGAINST people who are NOT of color. Yes, you heard right!

Speaking of Washington, We also had a conversation about what is keeping her motivated during this tumultuous time for our country and she shared with us why and how our generation can move beyond #hashtag activism and get our hands dirty to make sure that issues that plague our generation like student debt, and housing get the attention they deserve.

Finally, she tells us about the life-changing magic of getting a therapist and having an “adult mindset” that has nothing to do with where we live or how much avocado toast we consume.

In this episode you will learn:

1) How to run for office and get involved

2) why you should never put a job ahead of your physical health 

I hope you learn something new that you can apply to your own life! Either way I would love to hear your thoughts.

Heads Up: The opinions expressed in this episode belong to our guest and not to her employer

Show Notes: 


Planned Parenthood


Affirmative Action Investigation

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