The Currently Podcast Episode 4: Leaning Into Our Legacy


Welcome back! I want to thank everyone for their support and response to our episode with Samuel Chu. I know so many of us are looking for ways to navigate our current environment and I loved how he gave us so many things to think about.

For me, I resolved that this podcast is part of my contribution to the cultural moment we are experiencing. Refusing to be silent about our stories and our narrative is an important part of resisting efforts to erase us and our contributions. I’m still exploring how I can do more and I hope the rest of you are too. This week I made my debut fo Mi Tu, I wrote all about how as First Generation American I often felt alone and isolated especially around decisions having to do with college and career and how I wanted to turn things around for my little sister who started college a few weeks ago. Seeing and learning about how other people are doing things in ther lives can be a positive reinforcer that we can do things differently too and that the our options might be bigger than we think.

This is why i’m excited to have another strong, entrepreneur on the show today who is working to highlight projects and people that are elevating our community.

Women owned business have been on the rise the past 10 years, and WOC have been a strong reason behind this growth. I spoke to Jennifer Lopez, business owner and Founder of Camila Creative. We talked a lot about stepping into the legacy of our families and tapping into their strength to meet challenges. If we need heroes and people to look up to all we need to do is look at our own family history!

We also peek under the world of fascinating world of people who get paid to instagram.

Jenn also talks to us about she leveraged her natural people skills to find success doing public relations, managing “influencers” and working with brands to put together some of the coolest events you see on social media. She also tells us how she deals with the negative sides of social media and shares great insights on how to build relationships and why sometimes we have to be unhappy before we can dare to take leaps into the unknown.

Of course, you can follow Jennifer @camilacreative too see behind the scenes of her and her cool clients or on her personal ig where she is always sharing upbeat tidbits @jennnlopez (jen with 3 n’s)

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