The Currently: Week of 7/21


This week's favorites are below! Send me your suggestions for anything you think I should include! 


Your hate watch of the week is "Friends From College." I  watched it waiting for these people to redeem themselves. However, it had some genuinely funny moments, and appearances by Seth Rogen and other funny people. Think Ross and Rachel story lines, with a hint of raunchiness. 

HBO thinks this is a perfect time to release a show called, "Confederate." 

Mad Men turns 10! Re-visit or discover this masterpiece. Here is a list of the 10 best episodes which I firmly endorse. Best scene in the whole show is: The Carousel. 


Your Weekly Millennial Read: Why Millennials Should Lead the Next Labor Movement:Unions protect workers from unfair labor practices. Unions are part of the reason why in previous decades, people were able to buy homes, have healthcare and put their kids through college while working at a factory. Si se puede!  

How People Decide to Have Kids: Hint: It’s complicated AF

The Importance of Seeing Black Friendship on Television  Recap: In HBO’s Insecure:“female friendship is treated as more than just a connection—it’s a means to emotional and mental survival.” Think about how significant that is in a sea of white bestie tv shows. Don’t forget to watch Season 1 this weekend before Season 2 starts.

Life Hacks of the Poor and Aimless: Recap: This article explores if positive thinking and yoga can save us from income inequality and global warming.


Unravel: A podcast about fashion history

Still Processing: A podcast about culture hosted by two culture writers for the New York Times. They dissect everything from Beyonce and Jay-Z’s albums, Trump TV, Tupac and Sofia Coppola.

DO GOOD, BE GOOD- Small insights on how to be better and small ways to make a big difference

This Millennial Loteria is your Friday smile

Why You Should Have At Least Two Careers

Somos Padres: Self-help for your soul in this show about “raising ourselves.” Aimed at parents but useful to everyone still working on themselves.

Tell Congress to stop cutting taxes on billionaires at the expense of everyone else.

Six different ways for people to get involved in their communities

That's all folks!

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