The Currently Week of 8/11


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Your millennial news of the week: We don’t drink soda, we drink this instead, we don’t use deodorant we use this instead.


Jay’Z’s new music video featuring a new version of “Friends”

9 Unseen Comedies on Netflix (#1 is my favorite) I would also add, The Fundamental of Caring

Younger: Seriously, just watch this.


The Best Books of 2017

What Happens When You Learn How Other’s See America: Recap, the world doesn’t like us all that much sometimes.

Using Feminism and Empowerment To Sell You Things Recap: Buying things isn’t “revolutionary” but damn it feels good to pretend it does.


Oprah has a PODCAST: I’ve already hear most of them! Tony Robbins, Iyanla Vanzant, Brene Brown, and Sheryl Sandberg were my favorites.

Denise Soler Cox on Creating Espacios and learning to choose yourself.


Depression Naps Are A Thing Recap: As we see more people working from home there is more flex time for daytime naps.

If Gratitude Lists Sound Cheesy, Consider This List Instead; Recap: Don’t feel bad about not feeling good.

August is the time of year to visit your member of Congress

The words of comfort Hillary should have read to all of us the day after her loss

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