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Shameless Brag: This week I was featured in Parents Latina with my favorite #Momsquad friends! Took a moment to appreciate the feature and beautiful women I get to learn from, and call friends. You can view it here or by grabbing a copy of Parents Latina Magazine! 

Millennial news: Turns out older Millennials are just like their parents after all. Shifts show many are moving to the suburbs and buying SUV’s. Millennials are happier at work than other people.


Comfort T.V.- Escapism is a trend these days and there’s been a resurgence of old shows available for stream. My comfort watch of the week is Freaks and Geeks. Who doesn’t want to see a young James Franco? You can watch it on Netflix.

Banned in Arizona-This week, courts ruled that banning ethnic studies in Arizona was racial discrimination, you watch can this PBS documentary short about the topic her. Must see T.V!

Aside from that all of my attention is on the GAME OF THRONES Season Finale!


Oprah Winfrey in Vogue! Yes, I belong to the church of Oprah. You should read this great insight on aging, and power.

How Jay-Z Eats The Press- The ultimate manifestation of black power might be how Jay-z is able to control what the media says about him.

Has The Most Effective Civil Rights Strategy Has Always Been the Dollar? - How black-owned restaurants are sparking a movement.

What the Final Moments of Homeless People Can Teach Us - Heartbreaking look at how homeless people of all ages die from things that could be easily treated. 

Why No One Thinks They Are Racist-  Racism isn’t just about racism, it’s about systems of oppression that many of us benefit from. Example, segregated schools anyone?

Boomer Parents Your Kids Don’t Want Your Stuff - Tell that to my mom who is always giving me STUFF!

Be Good, Do Good

Go See This:“¡Murales Rebeldes! L.A. Chicana/o Murals under Siege looks at how Chicana/o murals in the greater Los Angeles area have been contested, challenged, censored, and even destroyed.” It’s free and you can go to Olvera Street after!

And then this: Paintings by Carlos Almaraz at LACMA- In the exact moment when people are attempting to erase us from history and this country’s narrative this is the perfect way to fight back. Take your kids, take your nieces, take the whole family!

If you listen to anything this week! Have it be this episode on raising ourselves featuring Dr. Shefali. Thank You to @somospadres for the tip!

If we want to be the change we need to support each other. Give money to Nicole Castillo a young, Latinx running for office in Boston. I made a donation this week!

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