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Your millennial news of the week:  Millennials and lifestyle creep and how it hurts our financial stability. Remember last week when I told you more Millennials are buying homes, turns it out it's because of their dogs. 


The Aftermath of a Terrorist Attack - What happened to the Eagles of Death Metal after the Paris terrorist attack? Find out here.

Reverting to Sex and the City re-runs for comfort. Season 3 is my favorite in case you were wondering.(Weird that I am their age now)

*My HBO Now account is the best thing I ever did (television wise). No, i’m not giving you my password!


How Generation Z is going to change television - What’s Generation Z? Hint: they don’t know life before 9/11.

The history of using the word “cosmpolitan” as an insult. Recap: Essentially dictators and totalitarian governments use it to make an “other” out of those who disagree. Scary.

Have Smartphones Destroyed a generation? Short answer: Yes

How smart, successful young women suffer from depression in silence.

Workspace aesthetic and the work from home life


Recommended my friend and co-founder of @camilacreative: Strong Opinions Loosely Held from @refinery29. Best episodes, “Exit Through the Feminist Gift Shop” and “Famous on the Internet, Broke in IRL.”

Oprah Super Soul Conversations: Starts August 7th. Search for it on your Apple podcasts app

The Currently Episode 2: Zach Morris is HAWT: #shamelessplug


Update: Healthcare repeal was defeated last week! Thank to 3 Senators who voted no. This week there was grumblings that the President is going to cut funding states are receiving as a way to kill the program. But there is a bi-partisan effort to find solutions. In the meantime, healthcare insurances announced that those who are buying insurance in the private market in California (ie-not through work) should see increases up to 13%. 

Why Azis Ansari deleted the internet- Weekly reminder to unplug

The Path to Change is Slow, Simple and Boring- ie: be patient and work hard

Read about this Chicano rights activist- know your history

How to Exercise Out of Self Love and Not Fat Shaming

Happy Birthday James Baldwin! Learn about this amazing race and cultural criticism writer

Take action to support the 2017 Dream Act

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