Here’s 5 Things You Can Do If You’re Feeling Down This Week  



  1. Text a friend a happy thought! Previous guest of The Currently Podcast @jennnlopez shared that if she’s feeling a certain way, she will find an inspirational post, thought or meditation and then share it with a friend! It’s a way to give to others which boost your own happiness and then you make another person’s day.

  2. Get a Self-Care Ritual: Do you have something that makes you feel good? Like real good? For me it’s a bag of hot cheetos with lemon, and a good movie or show that I love. Another one? Doing two hours down time. This is when I sequester myself in my room (no phone) and I meditate and read a book. If you haven’t found your pick me up! Try a few things and see what sticks

  3. Read this piece by writer Sandra Cisneros about how to own your power as badass then read this piece by Andrea Guevara about how to find your own untouched internal peace during tough times. Then, read this piece on survival by Monica Rivera (upcoming guest on The Currently Podcast)

  4. Talk to an older person, it can feel very ominous today but our parents, grandparents have all been through a lot of difficult personal and world events and they have great perspective on how to navigate this.

  5. If you feel stuff, you know sadness, frustration, just don’t let those become your permanent emotions. I heard a meditation that mentioned that we should think thoughts as not a part of us but just things flowing through a river. We just gotta let them run.

Bonus Tip: Turn this emotion into action.

Think where can I be of service right now? On that note, have a happy weekend! I’ll be back next Friday (fingers crossed) with a new podcast episode. I’ve also been working on some new pieces that should be out by then. 

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