The Currently Podcast: Be Financially Savvy in 2018!


Tackle Your Finances

Podcast Guest: Natalie Torres-Haddad 

We kick off 2018 with a topic that is often on our minds as we set goals and intentions for the new year! Money.

Questions about finances are often questions about values, and are also a manifestation of the larger vision for our lives. Whether you are aware of it or not how you spend says a lot about who you are.

When it comes to money you can’t have big rewards without taking big risks.

Sacrificing to save up to meet our goals is something that requires us to re-frame our thinking. In order to do that we must remember that “sacrificing is not suffering.”  

This week I talked to Natalie Torres-Haddad aka the Financially Savvy Latina she literally wrote the book about how to budget money. She has made it her life’s work to educate individuals and groups about how to eliminate debt and build wealth.

If you are interested in getting on financial track this year you don’t want to miss this episode.

She answers one of the biggest questions one of the biggest questions about real estate is it really better to buy than to rent?

But of course, not everyone is ready to buy! So we also tackle basic budgeting questions (At minute 36)

Of course, we speak to larger policy issues, and to how our personal mindst impact our money situation. Why she recommends avoiding language that reiterates we are “broke.”

We start off with a conversation tackling the problem with our student loan system and the potential impact of the new tax law.

We answer two listener questions.

  1. How to determine if you should buy a home, and why a home is still a vessel to build wealth but maybe we have to think outside of the box about how we do it. She also shares insights on where she thinks the market is going in the next few months. What are the questions we should ask ourselves before buying.

  2. Then we tackle how to manage money when you are a freelancer or work in a field where your income fluctuates.

Plus! Hear how I tricked myself out of impulse purchase with a free online tool and I share my financial goals.  

Find more about Natalie on Instagram @financiallysavvylatina and on her site financiallysavvylatina.weebly. You can also purchase her book Financially Savvy in 20 minutes.

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