Episode 14: Glow Up - Mindfulness, Meditation and Crystals

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Devi Brown is a badass with a successful career in radio who is now taking the world of wellness by storm and introducing women to mindfulness, crystals and meditation with her book “Crystal Bliss: Attract Love. Feed Your Spirit. Manifest Your Dreams.”  She is introducing self-care rituals that are of utmost importance for people of color during these times of overwhelm.

She is known for getting some of the biggest names in hip-hop from Kendrick Lamar to Nicki Minaj to name a few- to open up about their personal struggles. It is this insight and instinct into learning about people that led her to carve out time in her busy career to teach others about how to manifest the life they want and develop a spiritual practice to help them balance the demands of life, career and everything else. It was also events in her own life that made her realize that self-care isn't an indulgence but an act of survival. 

Self-awareness and inquiry was something that was always important to me but I got to a point where I was working so much and taking things like “grind” and hustle to mean that I should outwork everyone trying to create, and build.

She once wore stress as a badge of honor and often lost sleep in the name of building her empire. Until, she developed an illness in direct reaction to her workaholic tendencies that made her change her lifestyle. This led to an inquiry into herself  and a life changing retreat at the Deepak Chopkra Center where she learned primordial sound meditation, a healing practice that allows us to experience inner calm and deep relaxation.

This led to a transformation that changed how she related to herself, her work and to the world around her.

She adopteed a new way of approaching things that meant she worked smarter, and treated herself differently and developed ways to cope with stress, and even changed how she spent her time outside of work.

She told us:

When we prioritize ourselves, figure out the depths of who we are, that to me is the key to any level of success. We are taught to keep showing up but when we cultivate ourselves the things we want run into our laps.

Meditation led to a discovery of crystals. She felt huge energy shifts when she started wearing a stone known as the stone of “success” She warns that the journey of self-discovery can be difficult, heavy and tiring too but crystals helped shift the tide for her.  This has led to major personal growth and additional opportunities! Most recently. she has partnered with Nordstrom to bring her very own Karma Bliss Bags to bring the healing to the masses! You can purchase the 3 bags here

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In the episode we discuss  how she uses crystals in her home. We also talk about how “chakras” aka- centers of light and energy in our bodies and how they relate to the use of crystals. I highly recommend her book to guide you on this journey! 

This is a great episode if you want to hear an inspirational story, learn how to balance your work and personal lives, and if you are interested in mindfulness practices like meditation.

See Devi speak live along with other self-care and wellness experts in Los Angeles on February 25th at the “Glow-Up” event. Tickets are available here.

Follow Devi on social at @devibrown or check out Karma Bliss.Com for more resources

Show Notes: 

Book: Crystal Bliss: Attract Live, Feed Your Spirit, Manifest Your Dreams-for advice on career, love and emotional healing.

Deepak Chopra

Primordial Sound Meditation

Karma Bliss Bags Healing Crystals at Nordstrom

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