The Truth

Last month was kind of insane for me. I had a ton going on! In the midst of this, I received a call from a reporter asking me to provide commentary on the topic of depression. In 2012, I wrote an essay that was re-published on ForbesWoman that has received over 110 thousand hits.  A reporter read the essay and asked me to provide insights and advice for those who are trying to maintain their job while dealing with depression. 

The essay was the final project I wrote for a creative non-fiction class. It is truly the gift that keeps on giving. The essay is my truth and I remain proud of it.  The fact that it generates attention two years after its original publication is a testament to a reality I have come to hold dear- Speak your truth and good will always follow. 

A few things, I actually write under Betsy Aimee simply because I like my first and middle name. (Oh and i'm 31 not 33 like the article says). A friend of mine recently called me saying she was facing issues of this nature and was hesitant about telling her employer. I will say, It is incredibly scary to put oneself out there in such a way. I would never advise anyone to do without giving it proper consideration. But it is time for a lot of us to come out of our mental health closet. After all these struggles are what make us human and will hopefully lead to a more honest discussion and compassionate discussion about these issues. 

Find the article here: US News and World Report