I Never Found Good Career Advice so I Started Writing My Own

I used to think the personal and the professional were separate spheres. I navigated the world thinking that I could have a messy personal life and a thriving career. You totally can have a great career and a messy life but only for some time. Eventually things catch up to you. 

My experience with hating jobs, getting laid-off, and pursuing new career adventures has given me invaluable insights into the intersections of the personal and the professional. 

Lucky for me the amazing people behind the fastest growing social media platform for Latinas- Be Visible have granted me the amazing opportunity to write career advice for young Millennials. 

I am so proud to announce my new column for  Be Visible, Intersections. We created Intersections because you need a tribe to help you navigate the up's and down's of career and life transitions!  

My first few posts touch upon issues that are relevant to Millennials, women, and all people who are the first in their family to graduate from college or pursue a career. Learn why Sheryl Sandberg's career advice isn't for everyone.  The best advice I ever got that I ignored, including advice from my favorite career blogger, Penelope Trunk , and why who you know really is more important than what you know. If you have a question you would like me to address let me know! 


Betsy Aimee 

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