Motherhood Woes



This month marked my one-year anniversary writing for Mom.Me. It has been a phenomenal journey and it has given me a great way to navigate the in's and out's of being a millennial parent. I decided to mark the occasion by writing about Kim Kardashian's hair routine. 

But more importantly, I wrote about the charming Rebecca Bernard who is helping us raise more globally aware children which is particularly important given the racial intolerance that the Donald Trump candidacy has un-earthed. 

March was a very exciting month. I attended We All Grow Summit for the very first time. If you are a Latina digital influencer or someone who wants to reach that audience you NEED to be there next year. I also wrapped up my 2nd Bindercon! This group never ceases to inspire me. If you are woman or gender non-conforming writer you must get involved with this talented group. 

It was great to nourish my spirit and work on my craft at these events. But I must confess all these events left me feeling like a terrible mother. 

Which is probably why also I wrote a piece about the challenges of being a working parent and 5 truths about being a working mom with a side hustle

Yes, sometimes this all feels overwhelming.

But you know what? I wouldn't have it any other way. 

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