Episode 17: How to Navigate Being First-Generation American

This is a special episode with Denise Soler Cox, the co-founder of Project Enye. An organization that works to transform how we think and speak about culture, identity and what it means to belong in the United States in 2018.

Denise and I also talk about our collaboration. My business Born In June Creative helped her copy write and design a book about what it means to "Own Your Enye" which helps first-gen Americans set on a journey to heal and figure out how to express their Latinidad with pride. 

This is a two part episode! In part one Denise talks about how she made her dream of making a documentary film about growing up the daughter of a Puerto-Rican mother who confronted life being from "neither here nor there." 

In part 2, we dive further into the expectations we put on ourselves to please our families and everyone else on an endless quest to be "American" enough and "Latinx" enough. 




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