Episode 18: How To Deal With Comparisonitis

In this mini-episode I discuss how i'm navigating comparisonitis and some tools that have helped me navigate the sense of #FOMO or shame that comes when we feel we aren't measuring up to others. I share books and a movie that helped me get some more clarity on this. I also talk about what's coming up on the show and some affirmations that i've found useful. Let me know if you like these mini-shows! You can always reach me on Insta or Twitter @betsyaimeec. 

Here are the resources I shared: 
Earth Life Series by Sanaya Roman
Book 1: Living With Joy
Book 2: Personal Power Through Awareness
Film: Brad's Status, available on Amazon

What I'm Reading:
Erica Garza: Getting Off 

Switch, Pivot or Quit
The Lively Show

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