9/22 Zag Podcast/Best Reads of the Week


This week I was on the ZAG Podcast talking about being self-employed, raising a progressive son and my thoughts educational inequity in L.A. The ZAG Podcast is where young progressives share insights and expertise on today's most important issues. It’s put on by The New Leaders Council an organization that provides a fellowship for progressives around the country. I am a graduate of the class of 2010. Learn more about it here.

I also talked about self-help in The Currently podcast this week! 

Study: Millennials aren’t buying homes because of student loan debt. I know, SO groundbreaking.

Watch: I haven’t had time to watch much lately! But here’s some things i’m excited to watch:



This new podcast on gentrification in LA, “There Goes the Neighborhood”

Be Good, Do Good:

I want to hear what you find noteworthy. How are you coping with everything? Send me a DM on Instagram @betsyaimeec or an email. I want to hear your suggestions.

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