9/15 Audible Reads & How To Set Boundaries


I've been swamped with work and wedding planning this week! Digging into a bunch of self-help and Hillary's latest book! I'll review all the books i've been reading soon! 


Why We Can't Buy Our Way Into the World We Want - Nope, feminism can't just be "self-care" and empowering t-shirts. (Damn, those are the easiest parts.)  


The Art of Accepting Yourself - How one First Generation American discovered his identity through food 

Are You Ready to Accept Capitalism is the Problem? -You guys, the higher the profits have gotten the worse its gotten for everyone who doesn't own a corporation. We a lot to think about here. 

Some of my recent Audible reads... 




HBO's Insecure has the hottest music -It's SO GOOD! 

Do Good, Be Good: 

Fund John Leguizamo's documentary about Latinx heroes - He's tired of not seeing Latinx's represented and he's raising money to tell our stories. 

How to Set Boundaries with the People in your life

Listen we need to look good for the resistance so here's my girl and secret style weapon Ariana Cabral, with some Fall fashion tips

I want to hear what you find noteworthy. How are you coping with everything? Send me a DM on Instagram @betsyaimeec or an email. I want to hear your suggestions. 


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