9/8 Comfort T.V., Must See Documentary


I keep wanting to send out a regular newsletter on Friday with some lively links and such. But the world and its happenings keep interfering. Instead I wrote my 5 tips on how to lift your spirits. 

We must strike a balance between hopeful and aware. Let’s keep going for the things we want but remain aware of what’s happening around and where we can plug in to support. I keep remembering the phrase I first mentioned after last November.

Joy is an act of resistance!


You would think no one would have time this week to make generalizations about us but nope. This week we learn that we actually wish we were baby boomers. And that we don’t care about watching tv when it airs.


Comfort T.V.- Escapism is a trend in my house. This week Sex and the City, more Freaks and Geeks, and Lion King with my toddler.

This speech by Junot Diaz. It’s kinda what you need right now.


A Street Called Dolores Huerta- Why female heroes don’t get streets named after them. Then go watch the documentary

The First White President - Seriously, the best thing written about everything that has happened since the candidacy was announced. It breaks down the fallacy of how ignoring the economic woes of the white working class is what got us here, and it breaks down how, “a black president seemed to insult Donald Trump personally. He has made the negation of Barack Obama’s legacy the foundation of his own.”

Good news! We can relax now. Your instagram feed doesn’t need to be perfect.


It’s all been said, and it’s all been shared. But they are all worth repeating.

Pay for DACA mented youth’s legal and paperwork fees.

Here’s a list of places that are providing relief in the Caribbean.  

Relief for the people of Oaxaca, Mexico  

Buy this print to support DACAmented youth!

I want to hear what you find noteworthy. How are you coping with everything? Send me a DM on Instagram @betsyaimeec or an email. I want to hear your suggestions. 


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